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Genre/Type : Christian Magazine

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जिउँदो पानी / Living Water is a Quarterly Christian Magazine published by Berecah House of Prayer for EL-Shaddai Churches all over the World.This Magazine was introduce for fulfilling and Quenching Spiritual needs of believers. The Magazine includes testimonial articles, Spiritual Poem, historical facts, Biblical Quiz and exhortation cites. It is widely distributed in countries like India, Bhutan, Nepal, Hongkong, South Korea, Qatar, UK, Dubai, USA, Japan.


Announcement / सुचना

From 10th October 2017, We will be publishing this Magazine Online. So believers even in restricted countries like Saudi Arab and other Europe countries can accessed it easily. Thanks for Jeudo-Pani Team/Berecah Gangtok/EL-Shaddai Kalimpong/ and Readers who writes articles for this magazine. Remember us (www.elsfm.com team) in Your Prayer that this work is from spiritual minded not from lustful side.

हिब्रू १३ : ७
आफ्‍ना अगुवाहरूको सम्‍झना राख, जसले परमेश्‍वरको वचन तिमीहरूलाई सुनाए। तिनीहरूका जीवनको परिणामलाई ध्‍यान देओ, र तिनीहरूका विश्‍वासको अनुकरण गर।

We remember all our Late Elders Bada Daniel Rai, Bada MG . Lingdong, Bada Fudong and more others Who served the God Faithfully.



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Note: The below Subscription Charge is less than actual publishing Cost. Visit www.elsfm.com for more info. Jeudo-Pani Magazine is distributed in  11 Countries in Book form. Our believers Who don’t have fellowship/Assembly in restricted country like Saudi Arabia and other European Countries can download and read in your mobile Phones. It is available in digital e-book .pdf Version.

Subscription Fees 

Currency 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) Yearly


Nepali (Rs)       200
US ($) $ 2
Qatar/UAE/Saudi         QR/DH/SR.10
Other Countries According to Foreign Exchange Rates.
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