Wind & Waves

                                                                      Sis.Eunice Nirja

Although I am no sailor, yet I had a little boat

I did not know how to steer it, so I just let it float

And I wandered on without a care, till I reached the path

Where the dark waters threatened me and fear gripped my heart


I watched in fright and terror as the waves began to rise 

My little boat rocked as the wind drowned my cries

of despair, death and darkness were these mighty waves built

The wind was filled with hatred and my boat begin to tilt


Untill I felt a touch, one of the softest kinds

Yet it had the power to drive the terrror from my mind

I saw the waves fall back into a peaceful calm

And the fierce mighty wind began to sing a psalm


I expected to see my saviour Almighty and a glow

At whose command the raging wind would even cease to blow 

With a bursting heart I turned myself around to see

And all I saw was a simple Man who looked just like me.


He just gave me a quiet smile as He took the oars

And said “Child” its still a long way to the shore

So let me row your boat, as I see its such a must

All you need is My grace and love, but I just want your trust”.


In stormy nights and clear days, my boat now simply sails

Jesus has the oars now, His love never fails.

Waves of peace and mercy, wash me to the core

Winds of hope and truthfulness push my boat towards the shore.



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